With rising prices and information all over HGTV and the internet, more and more people are considering buying homes that need updating. It sounds good, but there is more to consider than just the dollars involved.


Fixer Upper Pro’s:

  • Lower initial purchase price
  • Choice and Control over how you want things done
  • Potential value add not on your property tax bill

Fixer Upper Con’s:

  • Unexpected costs during the renovations
  • Occupancy issues
  • Spending more than value added

Move-in Ready Pro’s:

  • Ease of possession and move-in
  • You know what you are getting
  • Likelihood of energy-efficient or green elements

Move-in Ready Con’s:

  • Higher initial purchase price
  • Acceptance of someone else’s taste and choices
  • Limitation of immediate up-valuation
Money and Time are the two biggest consideration issues of whether to choose a Fixer or a Done property, but also you want to have very good resources for both.  A “Done” home needs to be carefully inspected by a recommended expert, so that you are confident the work is correctly done, not just a surface show. A “Fixer” needs to be contracted by one or more recommended expert(s) so that you get both your most rea$onable and competent job.

We have those experts. Let us know what you need.