Typical Costs Of Purchase

(in San Diego, CA)
EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE, WHICH MEANS YOUR TRANSACTION MAY HAVE PERSONAL PROPERTY COSTS, RENT-BACKS, ETC. However, most situations break down to what is customary and typical. The following is to give you a form to guestimate your sale proceeds:

$____________________ SALES PRICE

$____________________ DOWN PAYMENT

$____________________ INSPECTION FEES (Avg. $250-1000, depending on what)

$____________________ LOAN FEES (Origination/application fee, Credit Report Appraisal cost, points,

VA Funding Fee (if any), prepaid impound account, Mortgage Insurance Premiums, Processing fee, Prepaid Interest, Sub Escrow Fee, ASK LENDER FOR THIS INFORMATION, vary greatly.)

$____________________ ESCROW FEE (varies with price, roughly .0025 x Sales Price)

$_ ___________________ ADD’L ESCROW CHARGES (vary with every company, they will give you exact quote when purchase contract is submitted to them, $500-1000)

$_____________document prep

$_____________processing fee

$_____________document signing fees

$_____________Loan Tie-In

$_____________messenger fees

$_____________IRS 1099 Processing Fee ($50-60 if charged)

$____________________ TITLE INSURANCE (again varies with price of transaction, but can

Guestimate at .0012 x Sales Price)

$____________________ PROPERTY TAXES. The current tax amount will be prorated between Buyer

and seller as of date of recording.

$____________________ If you are having lender impound (aka “escrow” account), they will ask for up

to 6 months of your new property tax bill to hold against your obligation.

$____________________ PRORATION OF CONDOMINIUM HOMEOWNER’S FEES Seller-Buyer


$____________________ PRORATION OF RENTS Seller-Buyer – if related to transaction

$____________________ TRANSFER OF TENANT DEPOSITS Seller-Buyer – if related to transaction

$_____________________ REAL ESTATE COMMISSION if not paid by seller

$___________$10.00/U__ WATER CONSERVATION RETROFIT CERTIFICATE to City if assumed by buyer.

$_____________________ SURVEY. Not typical but may be negotiated if lines not clear.

$_____________________ FLOOD CERTIFICATE if required

$_____________________ HOME WARRANTY (A 1-year warranty on systems (electric, plumbing, heating and water heater, etc.) in the building and built-in appliances, does not include structure or termites or roof. Generally seen as protecting the seller from those annoying “after close it doesn’t work” calls. Average cost is $250-375/condominium unit, $550/house, Can be increased by including coverage on air conditioning, refrigerator, washer and dryer, pool or spa equipment to $600-800.) Saves Buyer from significant expenses, Warranty Co charges $65 per site visit, but assumes cost of all repairs, equipment replaced. Policies vary slightly.

$_____________________ REPAIRS As recommended by inspector or Buyer’s own preferences. Cost reflects type of repairs and quality of work and certification required. Repairs in escrow, by standard purchase agreement, must be by licensed contractors. Normally Buyer elected/paid repairs are done subsequent to close and outside of escrow.

$_____________________ TERMITE CLEARANCE. This is NOT law, it is negotiable. New changes in basic contract and practice make this negotiable in California.


for purchase of personal property, seller lease-back, buyer move in prior to close, any other agreed.

$_________________ TOTAL COST

**Keep all these records for your personal tax filing!